Salento, Colombia

After three days of arduously amazing motorcycling through the relentless twists and turns of the Colombian countryside we finally arrived at our next destination La Serrana Finca & Hostel, Salento.

La Serrana set just outside of town was an absolutely stunning base to camp out, unwind and explore the area. Between campfires and beers in the evenings or waking up to the temperate sunrise and delicious breakfast with bottomless coffee in the mornings you are bound to relax and forget any previous hardships.

Our campsite overlooking the valley to the mountains.

One of the main draws to the area is the Cocora wax palm forrest, a bizarre and otherworldly landscape. The king of this jungle is the awkwardly long legged wax palm, towering nervously overhead at nearly 200 feet tall they truly stick out.


A short drive out of town brings you to the Valle De Cocora. We hiked one of the trails up and around the valley.


At one point we scrambled down the mountain with our new friends John and Paula. After our hike we returned to town and were treated to a not-so-tipico Superbowl Sunday party thanks to John.




Instead of riding our bike out to the valley we decided to catch one of the iconic and overloaded jeeps from the centre of town.

Stand up jeep drankin’ like it’s spring break yo.

The Hostel was able to organize a horseback riding tour run by a local caballero for the next day. This was honestly so much fun. They take you through town and down some very steep valleys, through serene farmers fields and spooky old train tunnels to a freezing cold waterfall for a swim. If you are comfortable on a horse you can gallop as fast as you like. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard in my life. Highly recommended.


Our guide and ourselves.
Waterfallin in love.

Next was the quintessential coffee Finca tour.

Fresh coffee beans.
Don Ellias and his grandson at Finca Ellias.
Beans being roasted to perfection.

It was in Salento that we finally found a place to play Tejo. Tejo is like a Colombian version of horseshoes … only a-fucking-mazing.

So you have an angled clay pit with an iron ring. On the ring is placed four folded paper packets of gunpowder. The player then takes twenty or so steps back and lobs a large iron half circle type thing at the packets. The object of the game you ask? Blow shit up.

The tejo bar and the groundskeeper.

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