A Wrong Turn out of Bogota

We missed an exit leaving Bogota and were presented with two choices. 1: Backtrack towards the city and risk getting stuck in traffic, or 2: Take the mountainous route to Salento. We picked option 2. On the map it doesn’t look like a longer route than it’s southern counterpart, but we’ve learned that distance doesn’t mean much when you’re riding in mountainous terrain and you could drive 500km or 100km a day depending on the roads and mountains you encounter.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 11.44.42 PM.png

We intended to get to Salento in one day, and may have if we’d taken the right highway, instead we went the long way ended up being a three day motorcycle ride stopping in Guaduas and Manizales before arriving at Salento. It ended up being a very beautiful ride, although difficult due to hairpin turns and terrifying large truck.

Left: Jesse hanging out in Guaduas. Right: Our hotel room above the Zona Clik.
Our view from where we ate lunch; a little restaurant perched on the peak of a mountain.


Mirador Piedra Capira

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