Isla Baru

Around the time we were arriving in Cartegeña Jesse got a message from a friend to visit her cabaña on Isla Baru – a long stretch of beautiful beach several kilometres from Cartageña. When we arrived we realized there was no road access, so while Jesse worked the motorbike down the beach I walked the kilometre to the cabaña. We were sweating buckets when we arrived but it was worth the struggle because the couple that was living and maintaining the property – Chino and Mama – welcomed us with open arms, big smiles and fresh ceviche. 

Mama and Chino preparing some food.

We quickly got our bathing suits on and for the next four days rarely found reason to take them off. There’s absolutely nothing to do there but snorkel, swim, fish, lay in hammocks, eat the delicious meals Mama made us and drink aguardiente and cold beers. Perfect! 

Jesse and Chino enjoying another delicious meal on the  beach.
Jesse made fast friends with Chino and went fishing with him. We all got to enjoy the catch for dinner that night.
‘Weed’ and I enjoying a beer in the hammock.

Despite the language barrier we had so many laughs with Chino and Mama and the other local couple that was camping there. 



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