Day trip to Minca

We talked Nico, the owner of the bike, into letting us take it for a test ride up to some waterfalls in Minca. A 50km roundtrip with about 10km straight uphill on a rutted out dirt road. It felt great to be back on a bike and the temperature dropped quickly as we rode up into the mountains.

A few alarm bells were going off about actually buying the bike: the electric start didn’t work, the timing was a little off so it would stall often and kick-starting a bike that big on a super steep incline was no easy task. Not to mention we were pulled over by the police about five or six times which is quite unnerving at first, but we quickly realized that they were mostly interested in what we were up to. These interactions always ended with smiles and a “welcome to my country”.

A cop at one of our many interruptions.

In the end we were in love with the bike and the fact that it was an Ecuadorian bike gave us hope that it would be possible to get it across the border and into Ecuador. We agreed to buy it after the electrical problems were fixed, the oil was changed and it had a tune up. We headed further up the coast for a couple days while the repairs were being made. Time for one more bus ride…


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