Medellin, Colombia

After we recovered from New Years Eve we set out to explore Medellin. The whole city seemed to be recovering from the party because nothing was open and the streets were eerily quiet. We ended up at the skatepark near Estadio station.


The next few days we walked around different neighbourhoods doing nothing in particular. A few highlights were Botero Plaza, gambling at the Casino, and go-carting.

Botero Plaza in the Old Quarters of Medellin.
Another perspective of a sculpture by Fernando Botero, the famous Colombian artist.
The Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture.
One of the many casinos in the area. Slots seem to be the game of choice but we played a digital roulette game, not confident enough in our Spanish to sit at any tables.

Medellin has changed dramatically in the last 20 years from one of the most dangerous cities in the world to a place where the people are full of pride for their city and eager to talk to us. We were here for 4 days and easily could have spent another few weeks, but we wanted to get to the beaches on the Caribbean coast. We trudged our way through a rainstorm and rode sopping wet on the crowded metro to the bus station where we got the 17 hour overnight bus to Santa Marta.



3 thoughts on “Medellin, Colombia”

    1. @Unlatinoverde I think 6 days is more than enough time. The metro system is so good here that you can do a lot in one day. We are heading to Salento tomorrow so we’ll let you know how the coffee region is!


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