Inle Lake, Myanmar

It’s a tight race between Bagan and Inle Lake for the most touristy place in Myanmar. Life on Inle Lake is the main attraction and there’s a plethora of boats and drivers ready to tour you around. They stop at several pre-arranged places: a weaving house, a silver jewellery manufacturer, a tobacco factory, etc. First you’re shown how the product is made and then you’re encouraged to buy. We still found the hand-made processes fascinating and the sales pitch wasn’t too pushy. Being paired with a really nice driver and new-made friends from Spain and Mexico ended up being a pretty nice day.

Our cheerful driver.
A typical house on the lake, built on stilts.
Locals paddling through the lake. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the lake ends and the marsh starts.
On our way to the market.
Heading home from the market with newly purchased goods.


Temples popping up everywhere.
On the last day we took a quiet bike ride outside of town.
Another traditional meal costing $0.50

On our last day we came across this interesting construction site where they transport the concrete by hand shovel full by shovel full. So different than anything I’ve seen before!","width":640,"height":360,"duration":27,"description":"While staying at Inle Lake in Myanmar I came across this construction site where they were transporting wet concrete up to the second floor by hand. First somebody shoveled one scoop into a rubber dish and then it got passed through about 20 hands til it reached the top. Somebody tossed the empty dishes to the bottom to be refilled.","thumbnail_width":640,"thumbnail_height":360,"video_id":70052732,"authorName":"Jessica Johnstone","authorUrl":"","providerName":"Vimeo","providerUrl":"","thumbnailUrl":"","resolvedBy":"vimeo","resolveObject":"Video","url":"","resolved":true}” data-block-type=”32″>

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