Cairo, Egypt

When I booked my flight from Bangkok to Toronto, a 20 hour stopover in Cairo sounded like a good idea. I imagined myself visiting the pyramids, museum and bazaar. As my departure date neared I contracted Dengue Fever from a mosquito in Thailand and 20 hours in Cairo sounded more like torture. For two days before I departed Bangkok I was back and forth between my bed and the international hospital. I got the OK to fly from the doctor just 8 hours before I was scheduled to leave. There was no way I was staying in Bangkok sick – I wanted to go home!

When we landed in Cairo the airlines set up an amazing hotel room and a day visa for me  – for free! After 6 months of eating asian food I was ecstatic to try some middle-eastern food: tagine, couscous, hummus, and lots and lots of breads. I felt well enough to hire a driver and check out the pyramids. Leaving the comfort of the hotel I felt the biggest culture shock since leaving home. I had no idea what to expect from this city and it was so much different than what I was used to.

On our way to the pyramids we pulled over to get a view of the ‘City of the Dead’ or ‘Cairo el-Arafa Necropolis.’ It’s a city of crumbling and decaying walls around mausoleums, tombs and graves yet it is estimated that approximately 500 000 people live there among the dead. It’s considered a slum and my driver wouldn’t take me any closer.
The Nile River. Quite a bit bluer than the brown Mekong I was accustomed to.
The pyramids!
Sitting with a camel driver. The lack of tourists has really affected those that make a living by selling camel and horse rides to tourists.
The best view and where all the tourists went. Still not many people considering it’s the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world. All things considered, Cairo isn’t exactly booming with tourists these days.
Climbing up the giant blocks at the base of the pyramid. They looked a lot bigger from this angle!
The sphinx in front of the pyramids.
Inside the pyramid modelling my new head gear.
Driving through the city I snapped some photos out the window.
This was just a taste of what seems to be a very interesting and beautiful city. I want to come back!!

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