Bagan, Myanmar

There’s one thing to do in Bagan – look at temples. So that’s what we did! For two days we pushed through the vendors at the most popular temples and crept through the eerily quite ones, occasionally having to seek out ‘the keyholder’ to unlock them for us. Since we were visiting in low season, even the most popular temples had few visitors.

Entering into a new temple you never knew what you were going to find. Sometimes monks would be praying to buddhas, another time an old woman plugged a bare lightbulb in with an extension cord and carried it around the dark temple so we could see the ancient wall paintings. Other times you climbed through musky dark passages and up stairs until you were rewarded with a view of the landscape scattered with hundreds of more temples.

A view of Bagan from the top of a temple.


Squeezing through tight spots to get the best views.
A lightbulb and a few windows were our only source of light to see the carvings on the walls of this temple.
Jesse biking in his longyi. Our mode of transportation for the day.
Inside the temples monks and practicing buddhists pray and leave offerings.
A detail from inside a temple. I think this hand gesture meant to expel negative energy.
Our lunch of very typical dishes in Myanmar. From left to right (not including rice): Bamboo Salad, a very spicy Tomator Chili Sauce, Cooked Cauliflower and Green Peas, Pickled Tea Leaf Salad, a Potato-y Bean-y Dish, Beef Curry (top), two bowls of soup and a plate of fresh local vegetables. All for less than $3!
Near the top of a temple – luckily it wasn’t windy that day.
The fingernails of the reclining buddha. The pigeons give you a sense of it’s size.
After climbing up some dingy staircases Jesse took a break in the fresh air.


We both agreed that we could have spent several more days exploring Bagan.

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