Chiang Mai, Thailand

We made our way back to where it all began – Thailand. This time we stayed in the more chilled out northern city of Chiang Mai. We arrived on a Sunday which meant we were treated to the lively weekly market. We met Adam on the bus to Chiang Mai and he acted as our tour guide as we checked out the usual and unusual market fare. And, of course, taste-tested the local specialties!

Colourful lanterns.
Khao Soi – my favourite local dish.
Fresh juices in bamboo glasses.

Chiang Mai has a pretty booming tourist industry which meant lots of opportunities to take a cooking class. We chose one that was outside of town, run by a retired husband and wife. Check out our creations in the next post!

Rather then cram in a bunch of attractions we spent most of our days reading books in the shaded garden area of our guesthouse. Sometimes you just need a vacation from your vacation!! Other days we rented bikes and just drifted around Chiang Mai’s many small charming backstreets.


Two boys wearing typical school uniforms.
A monk blessing an amulet for a girl.
Small offerings are left at the foot of an elephant statue in the temple.
A pretty detail from the temple.

Alas, it was time to head back to bustling Bangkok and get our visas ready for Myanmar. It’s fun to make transportation part of the adventure rather then just a means of getting from point A to point B. Hence, we made the journey via the overnight sleeper train and had dinner on the dining car and met some interesting characters.

In a taxi, on our way to the train station. Goodbye Chiang Mai!
Grabbing some food and drinks on the dining car.

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