Luang Prabang, Laos

LP (Luang Prabang) proved to be a charming if not sweaty town. It was mid may and we were getting into the hottest season of the year where temperatures were reaching 40 degrees by mid day.


A novelty sized road sign indicating the number of kilometres ’til the destination.
Grabbing a bite in the market. Seating arrangements are DIY.
The collection of bamboo weaving. Mostly different baskets, but also fish traps and hats.
Look at that focus!
The beginning…
…and my finished product!
And a few birds. I will never remember how I did these.

There are numerous monestaries in LP which makes the daily collecting of alms an interesting spectacle. Several monks from each monestary walk a path through town in barefeet. The oldest and most experienced monk leads the procession and the younger monks follow. Lay people kneel on the sidewalk and give containers of rice to the monks and the monks give some of it back to the poorer kids. This all happens at dawn.

Up bright and early waiting for the monks.
The monks give their extra rice to children.



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