Spider Village, Kampong Cham & Phnom Phen

We broke up the trip to Phnom Penh with several days visiting smaller towns and cities.

Skoun (spider village), to eat fried tarantulas. These girls were completely unimpressed by our reactions.


More temples a days ride from Siem Reap. These were even older than Angkor Wat – some were built in the 6th century.
We hired a local guide who showed us bullet holes in the side of temples from the Khmer Rouge and craters in the earth leftover from when the US bombed Vietnam. It’s pretty amazing these temples still exist given Cambodia’s history.
We finally made it to the Mekong River. This bamboo bridge in Kampong Cham is rebuilt every year. A new bridge is being built so it won’t be around for much longer.
The bridge sags under the weight of a mere bicycle. Needless to say we were getting a little nervous when there was a traffic jam of several cars, motorbikes and bicycles on it at once! Bamboo is unbelievably  strong though and they use it for everything from scaffolding, to building houses and bridges here.
In Kampong Cham we spent the night on an island in these awesome hammocks, complete with an attached mosquito net. $2/night

I always get renewed energy when I arrive in a big city. The possibilities of things to see and do in a place that never sleeps are endless and I can spend hours just walking around looking at all the new and foreign things. Phnom Penh didn’t let me down – it was buzzing day and night! One of the most important sights to visit in Cambodia is the S-21 Prison and the Killing Fields, both the sites of a horrific genocide with monuments and, in the case of S-21, hundreds of photographs of the victims. This made for a really hard and emotional day but helped us better understand Cambodia’s history and the resilience and spirit of it’s people.

S-21 prison where hundreds of people were held prisoner, interrogated and tortured.
Visitors leave bracelets around the mass graves that still contain fragments of skulls and bones.
Outdoor barber shop across from our hotel.
Getting hustled at the bar. These girls had all kinds of good luck rituals like rubbing the dice in their armpits before rolling. The more tequila shots we won the worse we got at this game – I think I’d had a few when I took this photo …

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