Kampot, Bamboo Island & Kep

Staying in Kampot a day turned into a week and we were still reluctant to leave. Days passed whiole we lazed on inner tubes in the river and read our books in one of the many hammocks. We took a few days to visit nearby Kep, Sihanoukville and an island off the coast.

Pretty much sums up my time in Kampot.
A trip up Bokor Mountain where a sort of French ghost town is being pushed out for new casinos and resorts. It was a fun ride winding up and down the mountain! “No sleeping here at night”??? No thanks!
Abandoned casino from the 1920’s.
The casino was built at the edge of a cliff where too many people jumped off after losing all their money. It was later moved to a ‘safer’ location.
Swimming at the local watering hole in Kampot.
On an island off the coast were freshly caught fish, fish and more fish was on the menu. I had the traditional amok which is a spicy curry with fish and coconut milk.
Our accommodation for a few nights, right on the water. Sadly this island and neighbouring Bamboo Island have been bought by foreign countries for development and many of the small campsites are closing within two years to make room for casinos and luxury resorts. Seemed to be a similar story wherever we went in Cambodia. Happy we came when we did – I don’t think it will be recognizable in a few years.
Our own private beach meant Jesse got to tan his upper thighs for a few days in his favourite budgie smugglers.
Women setting traps at the crab market in Kep which turned into one of the most delicious meals of my life!
Fresh crab with fresh pepper, both locally grown. My first time trying fresh pepper, still on the stem. Soo delicious!
On the road to the Vietnam/Cambodia border. There is no limit to what you can carry on these bikes – we’ve seen 5 large pigs, probably 25 live chickens, thousands of eggs in two large baskets and families of 5 pile on these!

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