The Cameron Highlands

When coming to Malaysia we intended to travel peninsular Malaysia as well as the Borneo side. After some contemplation we decided to take our time on the peninsular side and get to the cheaper countries of Cambodia and Vietnam. Hence we spent quite a bit of time exploring half of Malaysia! It’s primarily Muslim which was a first for me. Several times a day you hear the call to prayer no matter if you’re in a big city or a small island. The women are very conservatively dressed and even swim in all there clothes. Most of the time tourists weren’t expected to follow that dress code (thankfully since it was sweltering hot) but I was mindful of it none the less. While playing cards with another couple we attracted a crowd of about ten people so I’m assuming women playing cards is quite unusual as well. They were looking on with a mixture of curiosity and amusement.

After a few days in Georgetown we headed for the jungle, but a missed bus meant some last minute changes and we ended up on the next bus to the Cameron Highlands. The winding bus ride up the mountain gave us phenomenal views including tea plantations which that area is known for. Once we got into town we felt a little trapped but made use of the peaceful garden patio at our hostel.

We decided to go on a hike since there are several trails around there. It started off great with some waterfalls and a very steep dirt path, but once we reached the top we made the mistake of stumbling down the other side rather than turning back the way we came. The ‘path’ slowly petered off and we found ourselves thrashing through the jungle. Sweaty and very dirty we decided that was enough hiking til we got to the inner jungle. Little did we know but that was kid stuff compared to what we were about to embark on!

I finally made it! But that smile didn’t last as I was descending the steep cliff behind me.
Enjoying the peace and quiet with some coffee and books. Perfect way to start the day!

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