Kuala Lumpur

Our last stop in Malaysia was Kuala Lumpur. It was kind of strange being in a big city again. We stayed near Chinatown where you can buy just about anything for $5 or less and stocked up on some new clothes and other odds and ends. We only had a day and a half before we left for Cambodia so we only got a sense of this big city by visiting a few mosques, the Batu caves, the twin towers and riding around the city by subway.

We planned to catch a few hours of sleep in the airport before our early morning flight but ended up at the wrong airport and had to spend the night at the nearest subway station waiting for a 5am shuttle bus. The ‘train station master’ was nice enough to take us with him on his break to the nearest food stalls and we shared a drink and some food. Through all that we made our flight with minutes to spare and treated ourselves to a nice guesthouse with a/c and a pool in Cambodia!

This inside of a mosque we visited. There are three structures to this mosque and there roofs resemble an umbrella that is fully open, one that is partially open, and another tower that is a closed umbrella. 
This is what you get when you don’t wear the proper attire!
A detail from a Hindu temple.
Outside the Batu caves, about to climb those stairs and dodge the monkeys that are not afraid of humans at all!

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