Krabi Town & Railay Beach

Krabi town is pretty much a hub of guesthouses and travel agencies that act as the launching point to several small islands and beaches. We stayed in a guesthouse near the water and enjoyed dinner at the night market.


Lots of motorbikes with side cars feature hammocks.

We decided to go to Railay beach and spend a few days. It is on the mainland but is only accessible by boat since it is surrounded by cliffs. We took a longboat for about 45 minutes to get there.

Jesse on the longboat to Railay.
You can see why this area is really popular with rock climbers. The heat is unbearable though – I don’t know how they do it!
Our home away from home – no complaints here!
The morning wake up call. These poor guys don’t know what’s in their near future – cock fighting!
On our search for a more private beach we saw leaves bigger than our heads …
… and spiders as big as my hand!
There were also tonnes of monkeys!! They seem cute but when a gang of monkeys (and I’m talking like 25) is blocking the path to your house they’re actually quite menacing!
Pretty much how we spent the next two days. The water here was a bright aqua colour – so beautiful!



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