Kanchanaburi, Thailand

After leaving the bustle of Bangkok we were ready for something a little quieter so we caught the train to the smaller town of Kanchanaburi. Travelling by train is my new favourite way to get around. We saw some amazing views and landscapes that would be impossible to see by other means of transportation.

We rented a guesthouse right on the river which was so quiet and peaceful … until the karaoke barges started passing by and the motorcycle convention came to town. The latter actually turned out to be pretty fun when we got to know them later at one of the local bars.

The main attraction in Kanchanaburi is the Bridge over the River Kwai, which is part of the Death Railway. The railway was built by POW under the Japanese and nearly 38 prisoners died for every km of the railway (over 16000 deaths in total). Nearby is the JEATH museum (an acronym for the countries who helped build the railway – Japan, England, Australia and Holland).

On our way to Kanchanaburi by train.


Bridge over the River Kwai.
A depiction of the building of the railway using prisoners of war for labour.
This didn’t seem related to the theme of the museum but was fun to look at regardless. We were outnumbered by live animals too, like stray dogs and lizards lounging in the sun.
The view from our guesthouse on the river. Our contrast of our neighbours motorcycles next to our rented scooter was pretty funny.
We drove up the mountain in search of waterfalls, caves and natural springs.
On our way to the waterfalls we came across these caves. There was barely room for one body and it was pitch black after only a few steps inside.
Jesse put on a brave face (NOT!) and entered the cave with his lighter as his only source of light.


We finally found the waterfalls (there were 7 of them!) and spent the afternoon playing around and cooling off in them before heading home.
After a few days in Kanchanaburi we decided it was time to move on. The next morning we started the 2 day journey to Koh Tao via public bus (pictured), train, motorbike taxi, another bus and a boat!

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