One night in Bangkok …

There’s a reason night markets are so popular here; the heat during the day is almost unbearable. The streets are packed at night and there is a certain buzz in the air that makes you want to sacrifice sleep to be a part of it all. Here are some photos from one night in Bangkok!

The streets are packed with vendors selling all sorts of things; from unusual food (like scorpians on a stick!) to clothes for less than a dollar. Every once in a while a motorbike or car would weave it’s way through this crowd.
That night we sampled noodle soup, banana crepes, spicy squid, bbq’d chicken on a stick, noodle salad and a dessert taco with coconut cream. Still haven’t been able to convince myself to eat meat here since I see it basking in the sun all day.



The Thai people are so friendly and quick to smile!
A fish spa with some new friends from England. I’m way too ticklish through and couldn’t keep my feet still!




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